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Once an assignee has been moved into their new home the process of adjusting to the new city begins in earnest. For an assignee, attending to their family's personal needs can be difficult in an unfamiliar environment. Everything from finding a family doctor to shopping for groceries can become a challenge. This can complicate the relocation process and impact negatively on an assignee's work performance.

That's why Move One Relocations offers a dynamic range of Settling-In Services that can help assignees feel at home in their new environment.

Service overview

City orientation tours
Providing a comprehensive general information package containing useful tips on living in the host country
Providing information and advice on local medical and dental care options
Providing information and advice on reliable handyman and maintenance service providers
Introduction to local women's groups and other expat organizations
Assistance with the opening of personal bank accounts
Providing information and advice on local insurance requirements and assisting with the completion of necessary forms
Every expatriate has different needs, and Move One Relocations' tailor-made services reflect that. We provide personalized Settling-In Service packages that
address the specific needs and interests of the assignee.